Corporate Wellness

Heal, renew & Empower Your Workplace

How we work

First is the discovery process. The most important thing before starting is learning about your business values, goals and culture.

Core Values

We align your wellness program to specifically reflect your company's core values


We will take the time to learn about your company's culture to create the best fit program


Our wellness programs will help your business get on track to achieving goals more efficiently and effectively

corporate wellness is not an option ... it is a necessity

Our goal at Venture Active Health & Wellness is to initiate programs that help with conflict resolution, team growth, increased cohesion, and a physically and mentally healthy staff. Our devices are completely unique in design;  as we cater to mind, body, and soul to create a healthier, more successful team both at work and within the community. We coach skills that employees can apply both in the office and in their daily lives.
With these tools in place, they bolster renewed self confidence, physical and mental strength, and experience decreased blood pressure, anxiety and stress. All programs are completely unique and customized to fit each company’s essential requirements.


Heal Your Workplace
Everybody has stress, it is a fact of life. Our corporate wellness programs empower your employees with healing practices for all skill levels.
Renew Your Culture
Company culture is extremely important! We will take the time to learn about your companies culture, goals, and core values to help structure our program to cater to your specific needs
Empower Your Employees
Everyone deserves to feel good. Our programs our structured not only to help when we are with you, but teaches you how to implement these practices into your everyday lives.

On Site Healing

Have our trained, certified, and licensed professionals come to your workplace.
Chair Yoga
Massage Therapy
Breathworks Meditation
Customizable programs based on size, culture, and goals of business. Classes structured for all skill levels! We also stay involved, having meetings and tracking progress to ensure we are staying on track with our goals.

Outdoor Programs

Get out of the office and experience wellness in all the beauty that San Diego offers!

What We Offer

  • Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Kayak/Paddle board adventures
  • Martial Science/Self Defense Courses
  • Yoga
  • Wellness Days
  • Fishing
  • Fitness Classes
  • All on-site programs can be executed outside too!


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Call today for to schedule a FREE one-on-one consultation to heal, renew, and empower your workplace!

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