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With Dr. Allison Brownlee & Jessica Yaffa

     Our domestic violence survivor’s weekend is intended for women who have endured the physical and psychological impacts of abusive relationships. Our team of experts guide survivors through a series of experiential activities that increase self-confidence, enhance insight, build skills to navigate future relationships, and create a community of women who support one another throughout their healing journey.

     We offer a unique and powerful mind/body approach to healing, that is designed to ensure our participants are well cared for and provided with rich experiences that facilitate growth and healing.

     Over the course of the 3 day weekend, participants will engage in Breathworks, Yoga, Hiking, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding (weather permitting). All activities are tailored to the individual’s physical abilities, and offer a challenging yet supportive opportunity to maximize personal growth.

Wellness Retreats

Join us on our next mind/body/soul wellness retreat done San Diego style! We invite our guests to embark on a fitness and mindfulness journey utilizing our martial science team, clinical team and our recreational therapy team.
You will enjoy all the beautiful things San Diego has to offer from a whole new perspective, surf our shores, paddle our bays, enjoy your morning tea in a kayak, summit our peaks and take in the soothing sounds of our shores while engaging in a yoga or breath works session.

Each retreat is unique and caters to distinct needs; simultaneously building confidence and managing anxiety by challenging mental and physical boundaries, ultimately restoring self-love and enlightenment.

Fitness Retreats

These gateways will give you all the tools you need to live a physically healthy lifestyle while burning calories. Venture has partnered with Jing Shen Kuoshu, a martial science team, to create heart-pounding workouts and adventure cardio. You will learn healthy cooking techniques from our acclaimed private chef Nick Baker. When your workouts are done you can take a myofascial release session followed by breath works session to complete the fitness journey.


Our adventure retreats are packed full of fun, excitement, while leaving time for self-reflection and self-discovery.  

We partnered with Rock Creek Pack Station to offer unique getaways set back deep in the mountains of the Sierra Nevadas. This adventure will take you far away from your norm and challenge you in ways you never thought possible. 

Our snowboarding and skiing retreats are a winter wonderland lovers dream. We provide transportation, housing, round the clock staff and guides to ensure you have an amazing time.

Join us as we venture into the beauties of our natural parks such as Zion, the Sequoias, Havasupai Falls, Joshua Tree and more. These magical places provide an amazing space to reconnect with yourself in the beauty of nature. We provide transportation, gear, food and guides to assist you in your adventure.


With Dr. Brownlee & Associates

If you are feeling a little lost and disconnected from your partner, Venture Active and Dr. Brownlee have teamed up to create a trusting space to help you rekindle the spark in your relationship. Join us on a couples retreats to heal, renew and empower your bond.

Dr. Brownlee

Dr. Brownlee and her team of therapists offer mental health services for Venture Active Members, and partner with Venture Active to facilitate individual and couples counseling retreats, and corporate wellness programs. Dr. Brownlee and her team of associates have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the treatment of depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (ex. childhood trauma, sexual assault,  domestic violence, and the impacts of war/violence in military service), borderline personality disorder, grief and loss, and relational issues (ex. infidelity, loss of emotional connection with partner, and sex and intimacy issues.

Jessica Yaffa

Jessica Yaffa is a Certified Professional Coach specializing relationship violence and the co-occurring issues, as well as a 2-time published author. She is the president of both NoSilence, NoViolence, and the San Diego Domestic Violence Council. Jessica has been featured in several publications including The New York Post, Darling Magazine, The Washington Post and Outreach Magazine as well as KPBS, NBC, CBS, KUSI and most recently The Doctors. Additionally, Ms. Yaffa’s expertise and training programs have been sought out by several organizations including the United States Military, Starbuck’s Corporate Headquarters, the NFL, MIT and the San Diego District Attorney’s Office. As a survivor of extreme abuse and one of the nation’s leading experts on domestic violence, Ms. Yaffa continues to inspire a movement to end abuse globally.


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