Helping Small Businesses during a Pandemic

Helping Small Businesses during a Pandemic

By: Ashley Grins

During these uncertain times, all businesses are suffering but more so the small
businesses are having to endure these hazardous conditions, businesses like Venture Active.
It’s hard to imagine what this pandemic is doing to our economic system but more so what it
is doing to our people, the employees who can no longer earn a living doing what they love
face to face. No longer are the days of yoga in the park, or exercising with your friends in the
early hours of the morning. Instead, we are quarantined in our homes switching through the
same three apps on our phone while a meaningless movie runs on in the background. But is
it really all gone, do we really have to alter our lives so much where we can’t have social
interaction in exercising with our friends again or have that joy of trying a new work out?
The answer is no, we really don’t have to miss out on the joy that Venture Active has
brought us through the years, in fact, Venture Active is here to bring us joy during these
uncertain times. With our new soon to launch online workouts, cooking classes, breath works
classes martial science, clinical therapy, wellness talks and so much more, all from the comfort of your own home!

Acclimating to online classes

Though many gyms are switching to online workouts Venture Active is different. They
are offering so much more, in a humble package. It can be intimidating to take online classes,
let alone online classes in which you have no idea what you’re doing. But Venture Active is
here to say that we are all in the same boat, we are all trying to accommodate our new lives
in being quarantined all day. We are all just figuring out how to turn our phones to the side
to film classes, how to get our dogs to stop trying to play with us when we’re holding a yoga
pose. We are all trying to get through this bizarre phenomenon day by day and hour by hour.
Hopefully, Venture Active can help bring some normalcy back into your day, surrounded by
all the friends and instructors you love!

Click here to see our videos and classes!

Supporting Locally

So please join us for our virtual site launch going live this Saturday! Membership is
only $6.25 per month and the first month is 75% off, or try our free 7-day trial!
With your
help in supporting Venture Active, you are supporting your community and helping small
businesses during this uncertain time as well as the employees who are working so hard to
make this happen. Though it may seem like we are alone during this pandemic, we are all
getting through this together. Join Venture Active to support your local small businesses and
kick start your way to looking like a total badass after quarantine!


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