Try Staying Safe During the Pandemic In A Creative Way!

Try Staying Safe During the Pandemic In A Creative Way!

At Venture Active Health & Wellness we have been looking for products that can help keep us safe during this uncertain time.  The Governor of California  announced that it is strongly suggested that you wear a face mask when going out to the public area.  If you are one of the millions who did not purchase their face mask early you are probably stuck.. I went on Amazon to order and found that I wouldn’t get them delivered until JUNE!  
Not sure about you guys, but that doesn’t work for us, so I got to work.  After hours of searching, It occurred to me that I already have something that I can use!! So I thought I would share this link with you!  I hope it works for you too.  

Sending Love and light to all of you, please stay safe and be well.

Please note that I am not a doctor and am in no way affiliated with any medical team so I can NOT say for sure that this is going to protect you or others from COVID19. This is just what we are using since the masks that were suggested for use are on backorder.

Please share this post if you hear about anybody struggling to find an alternative to masks

We can all do our part to help the spread of covid-19



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